Why You Need To Invest In Developers For eCommerce Sites

If your eCommerce website runs smoothly without having a developer, then you will not feel the need to hire one immediately. Again, people running the eCommerce websites can confirm you the fact that there comes a point where you will need to take the help of a technical people to handle your website. This critical point comes at a different time for different websites. Then again, there are four particular points, where it really makes sense to Hire Magento developer.

1. Optimizing mobile eCommerce
According to the statistics of Internet Retailer, in the year 2014 above $204 million was spent on mobile shopping sites and they expect the numbers to go high and reach $626 by 2016. So in case your website only has a desktop version, then you will fail to increase revenue. Most of the mobile users will move to another site if they fail to get your mobile eCommerce site. This means sites without mobile version will have a limited number of people who buy products from them. So mobile eCommerce optimization is very necessary to make.

2. Securing data
E-commerce sites are vulnerable and become an easy target for hackers who want to get consumer information. The servers and databases of eCommerce websites store valuable customer information like credit card numbers, CVV2 numbers, expiry date of the card, etc. Stealing this information may be enough for you customer to experience monetary loss or cause identity theft. Compiling PCI, protection from such theft as well as making security patches are important and for this taking the help of technically sound people is the priority of the website.

3. Monitoring KPIs
Let’s put this question – “How do you calculate the success of your website?” Yes, for most of the stores, they look at the revenue. But for others, there are many other factors that you need to measure. This includes the KPIs – Key Performance Indicators. Number of people returning to the website, conversion rates, traffic on the website and order size are some of the KPI factors that you need to consider for the success of your website. As there are more number of factors, it helps website owners to know how they are performing.

4. Increase revenue through investment
If you think that your eCommerce site makes enough money so that you can deploy a developer, do so. The sooner you will have a developer, the quicker you will start to make money on the investment. Whether it is taking care of the security issues or measuring the KPI, they will help in proving to be a valuable asset once they are in place.

Moreover, it is really invaluable to get the help of a developer when your eCommerce site is facing some issues. You can make better revenue only if your eCommerce site is running well, so having an experienced Magento eCommerce developers can be your best bet.