WordPress Migration

Do you have a website on a platform other than WordPress? Is your website loading at a slow speed?

So any plans to migrate it to WordPress?

If yes, then contact us. We at HireMagentoProgrammer.com offer seamless WordPress migration services to the clients. So whether you have a small online business or a giant one with thousands of data and pages, we will migrate it to the WordPress in the best possible way. Apart from WordPress migration, we also provide a number of other WordPress services like

  • WordPress theme development
  • PSD to WordPress
  • HTML to WordPress

What is WordPress migration?
WordPress migration is a process where a website or a blog is moved to a WordPress server or simply a WordPress install is moved to a different server, while making sure that the functionality of the website is not altered. The process of moving the website takes place in any of these three scenarios.

  • Moving from local to live server
  • Shifting to a better hosting provider
  • Migrating the site to the main directory from the subdomain.

So if you want to go for the migration process because of any of these reasons, then wait no more, call us.

We help you move everything
Here at Hire Magento Programmer, a bunch of professionals put in their 100% just to ensure that your website or blog is working well on the new server. We ensure a complete and satisfactory website migration for our clients. Apart from moving the website completely, we even clone it for you. The cloned site can then be used on a different domain name.

What do we move for you?
Yes, we MOVE THE ENTIRE WEBSITE! The migration is done to another account or completely to a new server. We ensure the following things are moved during the process.

  • All the themes, images, posts and files on the WP website
  • Complete customizations
  • Server report
  • All plug-ins on the admin panel
  • Complete activation of the website on the new server

What all we need
We need a bunch of information from you to get started. Provide those information and you will find your website or blog on a completely new place.

  • Your current login details on the server
  • FTP login and host details
  • The new host login details

Again, you have to make sure that you have your own domain name for the website.

Customized WordPress migration
If you want to just migrate your content like posts, images tags, comments, etc. or need help with initial configuration, or both, you can get the service according to your requirements here. In the later case, the site is completely migrated, installed and configured on the new server. A new theme is designed for the new domain based on the old one or a completely new theme is prepared to get a new look. Hire Magento programmer provides tailor-made services to meet your business needs. Pricing differs depending on the kind of the service you choose.

Still, confused or have questions? Call us or write to us, we will answer all your queries.