Magento Performance Optimization

Almost all the stores created on a Magento platform demands performance tweaking. Although you might be satisfied with the performance, the scenario might be completely different in front of your customers and they might not find it satisfactory.

Hire Magento Programmer provides the best practices and precisely selected set of methodologies that are aimed at optimizing the performance of any Magento store. With our services you could stop troubling your brains and installing unnecessary software to make the store robust. It is our job and we ensure that you get the best services to optimize the performance of your Magento store.

Here is a brief explanation of what is included in our Magento Performance Optimization services:

Web Server

Our Magento developers will study and perform the software updates and upgrades and ensure that all the installed versions are correct, perform additional installations of nginx, apache and other web servers and their modules, thoroughly select the loaded modules, do web server related optimization.


After a thorough analysis of your online store, our Magento specialists will recommend and perform database configuration that will suit the requirements of your store, is load balanced, and separates the read and write databases.


Our partners will install the best in the industry caching engines for Magento and PHP to ensure that the interaction between the both is effective and accurate. Sometimes it does make sense to move the sessions and all the other information to a cache rather than keeping it in the filesystem or the database.

Media Content

In most of the cases, it is a smart decision to distribute the static media in a different way than HTML. It could be a different web daemon, moving media to a subdomain, distribution across several servers or moving it out on a CDN.

CSS and JavaScript

This encapsulates proper configuration of code and the web server to give the CSS and JS pieces in the fastest and accurate manner. This also includes compression of files, making sure that the visitors only receive the necessary files, and combining the files.

These Are The Very Common Magento Performance Optimization Services That We Are Offering. Contact Us Now And We Will Refer Your Request At The Earliest.

The Hire Magento Programmer Advantage

  • Unsurpassed excellence in catering excellent module customization
  • All the changes are integrated effectively to ensure smooth functioning
  • Availability of uninterrupted communication with our online assistants through various mediums
  • Quick response for customer’s queries to maintain a 100% satisfaction ratio

So come to us at Hire Magento Developer and optimize the Magento Performance of your desire!!

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