Magento Custom Development

A successful Magento store is the one that does not only helps you in defining the business objectives but it also fine tunes the solutions. Hire Magento Programmer specializes in custom development services.

Magento is undoubtedly a feature-rich, open-source eCommerce platform that provides the merchants and eCommerce developers with the much needed flexibility and control over the look and feel of the content management system and front-end and back-end to customize the online store. We offer full solutions for Magento custom development.

You might not be satisfied with some of the features of Magento and they might not be helping you in achieving your business goals. You might want to develop completely new features on the characteristics of the business. We will help you in performing the necessary actions to enhance the working of your eCommerce shop. We will help you in editing the existing features of your Magento online shop. Our services includes the following:

  • Analyzing requirement: Our staff will analyze your requirements and technical advice to provide the most effective solution.
  • New extension: We will develop new extensions that could be integrated into your current system for enhanced functionality.
  • Testing: We will set up the testing system according to the state of current system in order to test the effectiveness and successful integration on new modules on the existing systems.


Magento Custom Development vs. Readymade Solutions

There are many advantages of going for Magento custom development over readymade solutions. Customization will enable you to give a personal touch to the services that you are offering to the customers.

Custom development enables you to change the existing them to match the elements with the existing site, design, color, logo, attribute, and other functionalities.

Other Benefits Of Magento Custom Development

  • The store management becomes easier for the admin
  • Customer reports will be created for enhanced analysis
  • Your eCommerce shop will become user-friendly and the overall shopping experience will be great
  • Custom development will make product/inventory management easier

The Hire Magento Programmer Advantage

Over the years, we have customized several Magento stores based on our client’s requirements. We will not only customize the solution, but also help the client in selecting the best extensions to equip their online stores with more power and features. Here is what our expertise includes:

  • XML layout customization
  • Advanced PHP-code in PHTML-template
  • Class override through local Magento module
  • Database-interface
  • Integration of their party APIs
  • Necessary modifications to the Magento Admin Panel
  • Code refactoring

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