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Magento Customization And Its Key Three Steps

E-commerce has changed the world to a large extent. Now people shop for a variety of products by some simple mouse clicks and get it delivered at their doorstep. Impressive, right? This simply means that if you have a computer and a mouse, phone, tablet or laptop you can shop at your convenience.

This kind of shopping is carried out on online shopping stores which are developed on eCommerce platforms. Though there are a number of popular platforms out there in the market, Magento tops the list. It comes with all the bells and whistles that will make your website stand out in the digital market. It is true that Magento has a number of features, something that makes it different, as low cost for ownership, multiple store management and SEO-friendly features.

In case you have plans to develop your online store on Magento platform, better go for Magento customization. As customization is easy with Magento and the platform is quite flexible, a large number of online store owners go for customization regularly. Depending on your Magento customization package, you will be able to enjoy different customization offers like the redesign, theme customization and much others. Mostly, there are key three steps involved in Magento customization process. They are:

1. Best Magento coding structure used
Well trained and experienced Magento developers are good at developing the best coding structure. This helps the development team to complete the project at the earliest and deliver them on time. For this, they make use of a number of Magento extensions and get the best coding structure. This is then made use and followed by the development team to get the best in the class result.

2. Right use of versioning environment
You can experience and enjoy some good effects on Magento custom development process if you are using the versioning environment in the right way. By having a proper understanding of Tortoise, GitHub and other SVN applications and with the help of this process, you will be able to generate structured and validated code in the long run, by creating versioning of the programming code.

3. Issue tracking and testing
It is considered as the best practice to carry out automated and manual tests on the developed applications. It will make sure that the application runs seamlessly. This activity is carried out by a QA team who makes sure that the developed project is bug-free. Once they are done with the task, they give the permission to run the project for production. Once testing is completed by qualified testers from the Magento testing team, it is time for you to deploy your site on the production server. When it comes to issue tracking, it should be done on the priority basis and whenever an issue arises, a ticket can be registered.

The overall custom Magento development has made Magento the leader of the eCommerce platforms. So it is the best thing to make use of Magento features in your online store. You can hire Magento developers who have good knowledge, who are accountable, capable of getting better results as well as implement Magento properly. This will eventually help you get better results from your eCommerce store.

Magento Enterprise Development For Unmatched e-Commerce Solutions

No doubt E-commerce leaves others in the shade when it comes to branding and increasing revenue. Every type of business, whether it is small or big is reaping benefits through E-commerce. When it comes to online shopping store, if anything matters is its features and whether it is capable of attracting people. The Magento Enterprise development is an ideal solution for E-commerce which tries to create online stores that stand out from the crowd. This helps the store to bring in more visitors who completes the checkout. Some of the important things that must be considered by the businesses to stay ahead in the competition are page loading speed, website visibility, appearance, etc.

If you want to get these stunning results from your store and create websites that perform well compared to others, the best solution that is preferred by developers is Magento Enterprise development. If you want to provide an outstanding experience to your customers then it would be better to go for Magento Enterprise. Magento Enterprise has been able to fulfill today’s business needs and has been providing the solution to 5% e-commerce stores. Users generally prefer to visit and shop at online stores that are developed in Enterprise Edition.

Magento platform comes with three versionsmagento-enterprise

  • Magento Enterprise
  • Mageto Community
  • Magento Professional

Among these three, the Enterprise edition comes with some outstanding features that will help you to build up reputed brand in this market. Another important benefit of the Enterprise edition is that its scalable features help to create e-commerce stores as per the requirements. Moreover, the Magento tools even help users have a better shopping experience.

Some of the important features, that this enterprise edition is providing the online stores are described below:

Traffic engagement - E-commerce website experiences better traffic engagement if build in Enterprise Edition. Moreover, the appealing look of the website attracts more users.

Better optimized stores - If you want an e-commerce store that is properly optimized and is powerful, then your best option is Enterprise Edition for Magento store development.

Encryption of data for security - An important feature that you will be able to enjoy on your online shopping store developed on Enterprise Edition is security. This has been made possible by data encryption.

Different gateways and multi-language support - For better traffic on the website, Enterprise Edition provides support for different payment gateways and languages.

Accessible on mobile phones - Now even smartphone users can easily access online stores as they are mobile optimized.

Enterprise Edition helps the online retailers to easily control and manage their websites. You can better hire Magento Development Company for the task and build e-commerce store that is user-friendly and satisfies all the business requirements. A large number of online businesses have made use of Magento Enterprise Edition and reaping the benefits in the form of revenue. So just go for the Enterprise Edition and make your business the leader in the global digital market.

Know Why Magento 2 Is Equally Beneficial For Desktop And Mobile e-Businesses

The best thing about Magento is that it provides a common platform where different e-stores could carry out their businesses in the most feasible way. When it comes to the development process, it consists of three main elements namely, testing and correcting and thereby, learning new things. Compared to the old version of Magento, Magento 2 allows the developers to add new code in a more defined and structured way that too with ease. With Magento 2, now it has become easy for businesses to operate their stores on all types of devices like desktops, tablets and mobiles. Moreover, the checkout process has been simplified and everything has been covered in a single page. This nullifies the need to load the next page. So let’s take a ride and see what Magento 2 has to offer new to the e-commerce stores.

Here you will find apps structure where all the things are placed within the directory. This helps you to access the important elements of the web development process like CSS files, template, js and layout for any specific module. With Magento 2, there is no need of changing the codes again and again.

Unlike Magento 1, where there was structural block, Magento 2 has a completely new concept of container wrapper. This way you can easily move the blocks and organize them. This means you can simply move the Files Layout, Theme Layout as well as Base Layout thus making the development process effortless. So you can move them wherever you want and thereby define the sections on the website. All this has been made possible with the help of Visual design Editor.

Magento 2 helps to customize themes in a trouble-free manner with the help of LESS. Magento 2 even has CSS in the theme core along with URL resolver. Moreover, the static files which are present in the directory is published along with CSS with the help of the publisher present in Magento 2. This publisher also makes use of pre-processors to pre-process the files, which are being published. This helps Magento 2 to load pages in the least required time.

A modular frontend library with proper flexibility is present in Magento 2. Frontend theme development and its customization is made painless by base element using a set of mixins. Frontend library is managed by jQuery and so there is no need for Prototypes. The library is very responsive and you can easily access and use it.

magento-2Things in store

  • Full page caching
  • HTML5
  • Magento performance toolkit
  • jQuery in rwd package
  • Apache 2.2 or later
  • Sass/Compass
  • CSS Preprocessor
  • CSS3
  • Prototype Javascript Library in core
  • MySQL 5.6
  • PSR Compliance
  • Magento UI Library
  • Javascript libraries

Improved scalability and performance

Magento 2 comes with default indexers with better updates. These updates increase the performance of merchant data query like stores, catalog data, users, prices, etc. You can even create performance test scripts with the help of Performance toolkit which is present in this version. Magento 2 solves the issue of page loading and server load. Which has been made possible by the HTTP accelerator technology when used along with Static Page Cache. Moreover, now different admin users can easily edit products that too without any conflicts in data.

No Prototypes
In Magento 2 you will find JQuery instead of Prototypes.

Upgrades are now cheaper and effortless
Now you can easily upgrade and install extensions to Magento 2 platform thus making the development process simpler. Moreover, the new version comes with the option to import/export data so that you can easily export and then import your current data like product catalog, customer records, inventory data and other records to the Magento 2 platform. It’s better to hire Magento developers to get this task done with ease.

Better user experience
With Magento 2, you have a Menu system which comes with compulsory functions like Marketing, Product, Store and Reporting. This provides better user experience to the customers.

Something that brought Magento 2 to limelight is better flexibility, guest checkout facility, improved code testing, a thumbnail for order summary, improved admin GUI, etc. Magento 2 is on the path of improvisation and so you can expect more in the coming days.

Experience The New Leaf In E-commerce With Magento 2.0

Magento 2.0 which is an open source platform, provides unmatched control and flexibility on the online store to the merchants. This helps the merchants to build up a site that matches the needs and requirements of the business by making use of magento extension development. This can be done in the very cost-effective manner that too in a very little time, so as to make sure that users have a better shopping experience while they are at the online store.

Magento 2.0 provides enterprise level performance to support large and swiftly growing businesses in a smooth and effortless manner. Moreover, new features to incorporate media files and product videos, responsive themes as well as uninterrupted checkout process also helps to increase conversion rate, user engagement, smooth navigation as well as revenue of the store.

Magento-2The intuitive Admin user interface, which is a brand new feature in Magento 2.0, comes with some amazing tools which help to speed up the development time as well as increase productivity. Apart from that, merchants can know about the latest features that are available on the Magento Community Edition 2.0 and Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0.

Can Magento store owners move to Magento 2.0 from Magento 1?

Actually, no. It is not easy to migrate or upgrade to Magento 2.0 as it comes with a completely new architecture. Nevertheless, you can hire Magento developer to assist you in the task. They will help you simplify the process of migration. With their help, you can migrate customer and transaction data, design and functionality as well as product data.

So if by any chance you have plans to migrate to the new platform, make sure to take the help of Magento 2 developer as they can help you with the process smoothly.

Why You Should Opt For Magento To Develop An eCommerce Store

The moment you plan to opt for a software to build your eCommerce store, you will be overwhelmed by the options that are available in the market. You can get some of the software hosted by the provider while you need to host the other software on your hardware. Some of them may be free while others may cost you hundreds of dollars just for a month. Considering the functionality and robust features, Magento becomes the best option that will help you to grow your business and mint money online. So let’s see the reasons why Magento becomes the prior choice when it comes to developing an eCommerce store.

Cost Effective
Magento is an open source platform that helps companies, whether it is small or big, to enjoy all the functionalities of eCommerce. You can find the free version (Community Edition) as well as paid version (Enterprise Edition) of Magento platform. Small stores can easily make use of the use cases of Community Edition while big businesses can go for the additional features that are provided by the Enterprise Edition. If you can Hire Magento Developer, you can control Magento and add more functionalities that are not present in the stock. Moreover, Magento comes with a number of extensions, which you can use to improve your eCommerce store (You don’t need a developer to do this task).

Magento Ecommerce Development

User Experience

Magento provides better user experience and makes sure that it provides excellent functionalities and marketing techniques for an eCommerce store. During the normal installation, product reviews and images are added, which helps to upsell and cross promote products. Again customers can get a better idea about the products with zoom-in feature thus increasing the chances of potential purchases. When all these features combine together, they provide a better user experience.

Giving Priority to SEO
Magento comes with some of the outstanding SEO tools which have helped the magento eCommerce developers to understand the importance of SEO. With better SEO, the admins will be able to promote the eCommerce store and get a better position on search engine result pages. By adding title, meta tags, description as well as keywords, the admin team will be able to decide how your products will be featured on the search engines. Moreover, the Google sitemap which is already installed on the eCommerce store will help the team to direct search engines about the services or products that are present on the website.

Different eCommerce stores have different needs and Magento is built in such a way to take care of all the needs of the store. In case you are planning to build up a new eCommerce store or revamp the existing one, think about magento.

Why You Need To Invest In Developers For eCommerce Sites

If your eCommerce website runs smoothly without having a developer, then you will not feel the need to hire one immediately. Again, people running the eCommerce websites can confirm you the fact that there comes a point where you will need to take the help of a technical people to handle your website. This critical point comes at a different time for different websites. Then again, there are four particular points, where it really makes sense to Hire Magento developer.

1. Optimizing mobile eCommerce
According to the statistics of Internet Retailer, in the year 2014 above $204 million was spent on mobile shopping sites and they expect the numbers to go high and reach $626 by 2016. So in case your website only has a desktop version, then you will fail to increase revenue. Most of the mobile users will move to another site if they fail to get your mobile eCommerce site. This means sites without mobile version will have a limited number of people who buy products from them. So mobile eCommerce optimization is very necessary to make.

2. Securing data
E-commerce sites are vulnerable and become an easy target for hackers who want to get consumer information. The servers and databases of eCommerce websites store valuable customer information like credit card numbers, CVV2 numbers, expiry date of the card, etc. Stealing this information may be enough for you customer to experience monetary loss or cause identity theft. Compiling PCI, protection from such theft as well as making security patches are important and for this taking the help of technically sound people is the priority of the website.

3. Monitoring KPIs
Let’s put this question – “How do you calculate the success of your website?” Yes, for most of the stores, they look at the revenue. But for others, there are many other factors that you need to measure. This includes the KPIs – Key Performance Indicators. Number of people returning to the website, conversion rates, traffic on the website and order size are some of the KPI factors that you need to consider for the success of your website. As there are more number of factors, it helps website owners to know how they are performing.

4. Increase revenue through investment
If you think that your eCommerce site makes enough money so that you can deploy a developer, do so. The sooner you will have a developer, the quicker you will start to make money on the investment. Whether it is taking care of the security issues or measuring the KPI, they will help in proving to be a valuable asset once they are in place.

Moreover, it is really invaluable to get the help of a developer when your eCommerce site is facing some issues. You can make better revenue only if your eCommerce site is running well, so having an experienced Magento eCommerce developers can be your best bet.

Why Magento Is The Most Sorted Out Option For Custom Development?

In today’s economic scenario, everyone wants to start an online business and get roaring success in a short time. But something that you need to understand is that even if you are selling exceptionally amazing products or services, you will find it difficult to attract customers if your store is not easy to navigate and user-friendly. So for the same reason, choosing the right platform for your e-commerce site is very important and there is no better option compared to Magento. You can increase the chance to boost conversion rates if you manage to hire Magento developer.

So now the question arises – why Magento is considered ideal for e-commerce sites? So let’s take a look into it.

It is a known fact that Magento is an open source platform. So it allows developers to take the code, understand it well and then customize it according to their need. It is really an easy task for any skilled developer. You can either improve the features of product cart or apply the functionality of zoom-in when the user hover the mouse on product image. All these features are taken care by Magento developers.

Once you have a database, you can install Magento. With this platform, you can develop different store-fronts for your business and operate them on different currencies and languages. The best part is that you can restrict the display of certain products or services in some countries and even change the price according to the location. Based on the products and places, you can easily create coupon code, discount codes – All thanks to Magento custom development.

Magento comes with a number of extensions. Many of them are free while others are paid ones. You can use these extensions to improve the features of your online store. Though there is a long list of extensions, some of them you would love to have are shipping price calculation for different carriers like UPS, FedEx and Canada Post, Multi-warehouse inventory management, and much more.

When we compare Magento with any other platform, the store on Magento works pretty well on any mobile devices as well on the devices that use mobile web browsers. This makes the website more accessible as large number of people can check out the store even through a phone and make quick purchases.

Magento comes with even more brilliant and useful features. Many of the businesses across the globe have already used them, better you too start using them and get the best out of the platform.

Why Magento Is Best When It Comes To E-commerce Platforms?

The online marketing industry has been revolutionized by Ecommerce and it has become the very reason why many platforms are now available. Each platform is considered to be the best from the rest. Every kind of businesses whether it is small or big go for open source CMS. One such open source web development platform, which meets all the requirements of E-commerce is Magento. So, whatever be the size or requirement of your business, Magento will take care of everything. Again make sure to Hire Magento developer to cater all your web development needs.

Why choose Magento for e-commerce store?

So, let’s see why new business owners, as well as entrepreneurs, choose Magento to develop their e-commerce store.

Different front-ends: It is a true fact that Magento has evolved with time and now is much sorted out option by e-commerce companies. It beautifully integrates all the front-end of the stores and connects them to a single back-end. So big companies can easily manage all their stores.

Scalable platform: Magento is available in two versions – Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition. Both of them come with amazing features which can be used to create an exemplary e-commerce site.

Smooth navigation: When it comes to considering Magento on the basis of content management, it comes with unbeatable navigation feature. Whether it is the admin panel or the complete back-end system, Magento provides better navigation on the online store.
Add-ons: You can find a number of extensions which you can integrate with your online store to enjoy excellent functionalities.

SEO-friendly: You can improve the ranking of your online store by making the store SEO friendly using features that come with the Magento platform.

Review and feedback: Magento brings in a number of options that will help you to improve your business and promote it. The review and feedback collecting option will help you to register user experience too.

Multi-browser and multi-lingual feature: Now you can take your online store on Magento platform to wider customer base across the globe by making it compatible with different browsers and languages.

Secure payment facilities: Magento provides payment gateways which you can integrate with your online store to provide a secure and safe money transactions.
Themes: Magento brings in themes which you can use to give a better look to your online site.

Google Analytics: When it comes to owning an online store, you need to analyze its content from time to time. You need to generate reports like tax reports, most viewed products, most purchased products, etc. This can be achieved by Google Analytics.

Some other features that make Magento stand out from the crowd are:

  • Better and well-structured back-end support
  • Default set of amazing themes and templates
  • Shopping cart integration which is highly customizable
  • A number of advanced add-ons.

Key factors that make Magento the e-commerce platform leader

Apart from the outstanding features, there are some important factors that really makes Magento the leader in the e-commerce industry.

Community support- The increasing popularity and never ending possibilities made eBay buy Magento. This turned Magento into the leader in e-commerce platform. Now there are thousands of Magento developers in the community who are ready to provide better services to the clients.

Serving top brands- The popularity of Magento has made it the favourite choice of some top brands like Samsung, Nike, Ford, etc. Magento comes with scalable features which help businesses to easily grow and sell their products.

Hold a strong place in the market- Magento comes with a number of extensions which you can use to have better features on your website. There comes a set of free extensions which can be easily integrated with the online store.

Secured: Magento is a very secure platform to develop classical e-commerce sites. In case of any issues, it is taken care of on the priority basis.

Magento has been able to attract as well as satisfy a number of clients since its inception. A number of web development companies have come forward to provide e-commerce solutions to customers based on Magento. So if you are planning to establish an online presence, better opt for Magento platform hire magento ecommerce developer Now!

Things To Consider When You Look For a Magento Developer

Though Magento is an open source system, it is truly a complex environment to develop e-commerce websites. If you compare Magento with other platforms like Shopify and OpenCart, you will understand that Magento is comparatively a better option. This can be confirmed on the basis of features like customization and modification, SEO, gift codes, automation of tasks like order confirmation and shipment, product types, coupons, and yes, much more.

Again with these endless possibilities, Magento comes with complexity too. This makes them tough for individuals to use independently and so there arises the need to take help from developers.

Once everything is setup, you can easily use the e-commerce website but setting up the website and developing all the features can be done perfectly only by taking the help of a Magento expert. Then again finding a Magento expert is not an easy job and so in this post, we have put light on some points that will help you to find the right developer.

What you need to look for when you plan to hire a Magento developer?

Understand your requirement
Before you start looking for a Magento expert, first of all, make a list of things that you need. Knowing the basics will help you to know about your priorities and problems that you may face on the site. You can even go through the beginner’s guide to get a basic knowledge about the things. You must know about your priorities as well as have a clear idea about your budget. Time is another important thing that you need to consider about. If you want everything to end well better stay tuned with the process of website development.

Collect views from others
One of the best ways to find & Hire Magento Programmer is to ask the people from your industry. In case, you don’t have such people to recommend, better take the help from the third party. This can be anyone like your accountant or a hosting agency. If this fails, better start using your LinkedIn connections. You can look for the Magento developer groups there.

Look for certified developers
Magento platform offers a number of online courses where developers can get their skills certified. This help them to create their own space outside the crowd. A number of certification courses are available and so you can choose your developer accordingly.

A developer cannot do everything
When it comes to e-commerce website based on Magento platform, a number of tasks are involved. This can be things like design, PHP programming implementation, content marketing, business logic and much more. A single Magento developer cannot do all these tasks easily. So in case someone claims of doing it, beware! Understand that the person is either lying or he is the jack of all trades. So the best way to built up your e-commerce website is by taking the help of a Magento company. There a team of Magento experts work who are specialized in different fields. Different companies may cost you different based on the quality, size, and availability. So do a bit research before you decide on an agency.

Look for long term relationship
It is true that most of the tasks on the website are automated and you don’t need to interfere with them. Then again chances are there that your website may not function well or you need to add up some features. So trying to find a new developer every now and then is not feasible. So better create a good relationship with the developers so that they are available when you need them.

Always remember that Hire Magento developer is only the beginning of the big task but then again, it is the most important step that you need to take for the future of your e-commerce site. Whether you are taking the help of a student or a freelancer or an agency, just understand that you need someone who cares for your website and is available when you really need them.

Know How WordPress Multisite Controls Your Magento Multistore

Nowadays, most of the e-commerce websites are developed on Magento platform. So there is a tough competition between different online stores. Therefore, it becomes a big challenge to attract people towards the site and make them your customers. The tough part starts when the visitor is viewing your site. To make this situation work for you, you need to have the tools and skills which will make the visitors stay more on your online store and eventually make a purchase. You can achieve this by providing an excellent customer experience as well as value to the buyers.

‘Content is the king – Many will agree to it while others will argue against it, but it is true that content plays an important role in the online marketing. So create unique contents which will help your visitors to have the best user experience. You can create engaging customers through blogs, articles, news as well as by collecting feedback from them.

These features will definitely help you to improve your e-commerce site. You can make changes and provide a better user experience with the help of feedback collected from customers. It is very much true that content helps you to rank better on the search engines. But before that, you need to find your target audience and know about their interests. This will help you to create content which attracts them. Moreover, the knowledge that you impart through your site adds value to the online store.

So how can you have them in your Magento platform?

Magento comes with a number of plugins. So now you need to look for the right plug-in and see whether you are getting all the benefits that you expect from it or not. It is possible to integrate WordPress to your Multi store smoothly just by using the Magento plugins. For a developer, it is very much easy to find and install an extension which is compatible with WordPress and use a database same as Magento.

Though there are many ways to easily integrate WordPress blog into Magento store, you will be puzzled when you will try to add WordPress MU. So let’s take a look on WordPress Multisite before we look into the technicalities of integrating WordPress Multisite into the Magento store development.

WordPress Multisite is a method through with WordPress creates a network of websites by using the same installation of WordPress, just like the way Magento manages multiple stores. This Multisite is different from WordPress and is called as WordPress MU. You can easily manage all the blogs using WordPress MU. For this, all you need is an admin URL, database and an account in WordPress. Before the introduction of WordPress 3.0, this function was available as a software separately. But now, it comes with WordPress itself.

Now you must be thinking why you need to incorporate Magento Multi-store with WordPress Multi site? If you are having Magento Multi-store, you will need to have WordPress for each and different store. This can be a daunting task to manage all the blogs for each store. This will get more difficult when you plan to add a store as you will need to create a new blog for the new store. If your store is small, you can achieve this. But what if you have a big store? You will not be able to manage all the blogs.

Using the WordPress MU for your multistore, you will be able to create a number of blogs from a single WordPress and connect each blog to its specific store.

Once you have learned how WordPress MU helps you with your Magento platform, the next thing that you will look forward is how you can install it into Magento? The best way to integrate WordPress Multisite into the Magento Multi store is just by adding the extension. You can hire Magento developer to get this task done.

You can find this extension along with WordPress integration plugin. You will need to pay for it, but its features are worth your money. By integration of WordPress MU, you can easily create blogs for different stores. You can even create blogs that are not developed for any specific store and use it as WordPress blog. You can use these blogs for Magento pages through the mode of semi-integration. This will help to make your Magento platform more customized.

For any developer just integrating the blogs is not everything as he needs to take care of the design too. So make sure to create an amazing design that will help the customers to get what they need. This will encourage customers to return back to your online store again and again and make a purchase from time to time.