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Magento Customization And Its Key Three Steps

E-commerce has changed the world to a large extent. Now people shop for a variety of products by some simple mouse clicks and get it delivered at their doorstep. Impressive, right? This simply means that if you have a computer and a mouse, phone, tablet or laptop you can shop at your convenience.

This kind of shopping is carried out on online shopping stores which are developed on eCommerce platforms. Though there are a number of popular platforms out there in the market, Magento tops the list. It comes with all the bells and whistles that will make your website stand out in the digital market. It is true that Magento has a number of features, something that makes it different, as low cost for ownership, multiple store management and SEO-friendly features.

In case you have plans to develop your online store on Magento platform, better go for Magento customization. As customization is easy with Magento and the platform is quite flexible, a large number of online store owners go for customization regularly. Depending on your Magento customization package, you will be able to enjoy different customization offers like the redesign, theme customization and much others. Mostly, there are key three steps involved in Magento customization process. They are:

1. Best Magento coding structure used
Well trained and experienced Magento developers are good at developing the best coding structure. This helps the development team to complete the project at the earliest and deliver them on time. For this, they make use of a number of Magento extensions and get the best coding structure. This is then made use and followed by the development team to get the best in the class result.

2. Right use of versioning environment
You can experience and enjoy some good effects on Magento custom development process if you are using the versioning environment in the right way. By having a proper understanding of Tortoise, GitHub and other SVN applications and with the help of this process, you will be able to generate structured and validated code in the long run, by creating versioning of the programming code.

3. Issue tracking and testing
It is considered as the best practice to carry out automated and manual tests on the developed applications. It will make sure that the application runs seamlessly. This activity is carried out by a QA team who makes sure that the developed project is bug-free. Once they are done with the task, they give the permission to run the project for production. Once testing is completed by qualified testers from the Magento testing team, it is time for you to deploy your site on the production server. When it comes to issue tracking, it should be done on the priority basis and whenever an issue arises, a ticket can be registered.

The overall custom Magento development has made Magento the leader of the eCommerce platforms. So it is the best thing to make use of Magento features in your online store. You can hire Magento developers who have good knowledge, who are accountable, capable of getting better results as well as implement Magento properly. This will eventually help you get better results from your eCommerce store.

Magento Enterprise Development For Unmatched e-Commerce Solutions

No doubt E-commerce leaves others in the shade when it comes to branding and increasing revenue. Every type of business, whether it is small or big is reaping benefits through E-commerce. When it comes to online shopping store, if anything matters is its features and whether it is capable of attracting people. The Magento Enterprise development is an ideal solution for E-commerce which tries to create online stores that stand out from the crowd. This helps the store to bring in more visitors who completes the checkout. Some of the important things that must be considered by the businesses to stay ahead in the competition are page loading speed, website visibility, appearance, etc.

If you want to get these stunning results from your store and create websites that perform well compared to others, the best solution that is preferred by developers is Magento Enterprise development. If you want to provide an outstanding experience to your customers then it would be better to go for Magento Enterprise. Magento Enterprise has been able to fulfill today’s business needs and has been providing the solution to 5% e-commerce stores. Users generally prefer to visit and shop at online stores that are developed in Enterprise Edition.

Magento platform comes with three versionsmagento-enterprise

  • Magento Enterprise
  • Mageto Community
  • Magento Professional

Among these three, the Enterprise edition comes with some outstanding features that will help you to build up reputed brand in this market. Another important benefit of the Enterprise edition is that its scalable features help to create e-commerce stores as per the requirements. Moreover, the Magento tools even help users have a better shopping experience.

Some of the important features, that this enterprise edition is providing the online stores are described below:

Traffic engagement - E-commerce website experiences better traffic engagement if build in Enterprise Edition. Moreover, the appealing look of the website attracts more users.

Better optimized stores - If you want an e-commerce store that is properly optimized and is powerful, then your best option is Enterprise Edition for Magento store development.

Encryption of data for security - An important feature that you will be able to enjoy on your online shopping store developed on Enterprise Edition is security. This has been made possible by data encryption.

Different gateways and multi-language support - For better traffic on the website, Enterprise Edition provides support for different payment gateways and languages.

Accessible on mobile phones - Now even smartphone users can easily access online stores as they are mobile optimized.

Enterprise Edition helps the online retailers to easily control and manage their websites. You can better hire Magento Development Company for the task and build e-commerce store that is user-friendly and satisfies all the business requirements. A large number of online businesses have made use of Magento Enterprise Edition and reaping the benefits in the form of revenue. So just go for the Enterprise Edition and make your business the leader in the global digital market.