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What Is The Cost To Develop An E-commerce Website In Magento?

Are you planning to build an eCommerce website? Don’t know about the costs? Have no idea which platform will work well for you? Then in that case, go for Magento. Around the world, Magento is very much recommended as well as mostly used for building eCommerce websites.

Normally, a Magento based website will help to attract more chances to improve your online business. Here in this post, we will discuss about the cost required to build up a website in Magento as well as some important things that you need to consider before you hire a Magento developer.

Things you need to consider before you decide to develop an eCommerce website in Magento.

Skill Level

Before you plan to build a Magento eCommerce website, make sure you check the developer’s skill level. You must consider the hourly rate as well as skills as they are important aspects. You may find a developer who provides his service for $10-$35/hr while there are others who provide the same service at $100/hr. The hourly rate of a Magento developer differs based on the country, expertise level, the value of the company and many more things. Still I would recommend you go for a reputed Magento development company to get the best solution at the best price.

Project Specification + Scope = Cost for Magento Development = Time

The pricing of the Magento development is purely based on the requirements of the eCommerce website as well as the project needs.

Before you start your eCommerce website with the help of a developer or a Magento web development company, get a defined scope and proper project specifications. This will help to understand the different milestones, project proceedings as well as the final outcome. Properly defined time and requirements in the scope will help you to calculate the cost of Magento website development.

Magento Development Company Vs Indi Developer

So should you go for a Magento development company or hire a Magento developer? Now this is a very important decision you need to take before start with the project. There are a few things that you need to consider before you hire anyone of them. What is their expertise in the field? What do you think about their project proposal? What kind of experience do they have in the field? Have they managed to build a good Magento profile? Do they provide support during the project development stage? Have they received positive feedback? Do they work to build a long-term relationship?

Make sure you think about these few things before you decide to go for a company or an individual developer.

Different costs

Once you have started to look for a Magento Development Company to build your website, you will find cost difference between various companies. It is not possible for us to compare the efficiency of two companies for completing the same job as they can get it done in various ways. So eventually, it results in price difference.

What is the cost of a Magento web development?

In case you are planning to bring in a new business using a basic Magento website  then, the cost will stay within your budget and will also provide all the requirements you need to get started. You can create admin levels for your website using easy CMS management by going for a Custom Magento enterprise. So here is a general idea about pricing and costs that you may incur to keep your store up in the eCommerce platform of Magento:

Different Magento websites will cost you different based on your requirements. For example, basic Magento website may cost you from $1000-$15,000 while a Custom Magento enterprise site may cost you from $10,000-$80,000. If you want to go with moderate functionality, you can opt for custom Magento website which may cost you somewhere between $20,000-$60,000.

  • Basic Magento website comes with simple design and has less than 10,000 SKUs. It only uses the functionality of Magento and does not integrate back office systems. Moreover, the CMS is easy to use.
  • Custom Magento website comes with custom designs and has a huge amount of SKUs. It integrates with back office systems as well as CMS. Here custom features can be added as well as extensions can be implemented. Can be integrated with other accounting software as well as create a login for social media site like Facebook. It supports data migration as well as migration to the host. Reward points can be set up and you can create customer groups.
  • Just like Custom Magento website, custom Magento enterprise site also has similar features. Additional features that you will find here is the integration with inventory software and the presence of CMS with WISIWIG.

Select a good Magento Development Company

Nowadays in the market, a number of Magento development companies are available that too offering cheap rates. So before you choose one, make sure that you don’t compromise the durability and quality of your website. Moreover, before you plan to hire a developer or a Magento development company make sure that they have Magento certification as well as experience in the field. The cost of the store made using Magento differs as the price of Magento websites are not fixed. This is because different websites have different requirements. So better hire a Magento Development Company instead of a freelancer who can provide you professional help in your budget or else go for a Magento development company which provides you the cheapest rate possible.

About Writer:
Mark Mathews is a technology lover who has a keen interest on Magento platform. He is well versed about the latest updates in the field and tries to relate them from the customer point of view. He spends a good amount of time to analyze how people can gain from Magento platform as well as about the challenges that they may face while using it.
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Let’s Solve The Vague Puzzle Question – ‘How To Choose A Magento Developer’

Magento has grown as most popular ecommerce platform today, wrapped up with lots of functionalities, richness and is an “open source” in nature. Which means most of the company have adopted Magento platform but without proper planning. They have built their website on “cheap and cheerful” Magento bandwagon – now when the websites are live the problem begins. So now you may find yourself without appropriate Magento expertise and move on from the fast evolving world of ecommerce.

Later you may realize that the best way of being successful is choosing a right Magento ecommerce developer. The following key points will help you choose an appropriate Magento developer -

  • Magento Development Expertise

The developer you are hiring should have deep knowledge about Magento and the skills required for the design and functionality you have thought of. Prior selecting anyone you need to check their technical competence and in case if you don’t have enough knowledge about Magento, then you can select a staffing partner who can help you with the search and step by step interview procedure. In accordance to the needs and specifics of your project, you can come upon various questions to select a Magento specialist for your successful ecommerce project.

  • Magento Development Experience

Knowledge is power, but experience is king. Make sure that you discuss each and every aspect of the project he has worked on, and what kind of specific challenges he has faced. Along with that ensure that Magento programmer is quite familiar with every version of Magento – Community, Go, and Enterprise. Every version of Magento has specific set of features, and you obviously don’t need to discover yourself in a situation, where you require Enterprise features, however the coder is only skilled in Community.

  • Magento Development Portfolio

Work defines the uniqueness for itself. So no matter if the Magento programmer is certified, it doesn’t prove that the developer is the one you are looking for. The thing that speaks best for the programmer’s skills is their previous work. So pay special attention to their portfolio. Now all you need to do is browse the ecommerce websites developed by the potential developer and check their work on basis of look, functionality and usability.

  • Magento Developer’s References

Carefully analyzing a developer’s portfolio, is a good way to check if the developer is perfect for your work or not. But in addition to that don’t forget to ask various questions from the programmer’s previous employees or customers. It would be a great idea to check them personally to ensure that the developer is not only skilled, but even a performer, a good communicator and a perfect fit for your team.

  • Magento Developer’s Response to Your Project Brief

Please understand how well your potential employee understands your project requirements, how he offers to implement your tasks and solve potential problems. An ideal Magento developer should always come up with great productive feedback and useful advice on how to improve the current project.

There are numerous Magento developers available in the market, but to get the desired result, you need to hire Magento programmer who is best fit for your specific needs. So focus on these key attributes of a best Magento developer and we are sure you will select best suitable candidate.