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Why Magento Should Be Your Choice For Online Store Development

Are you a business owner who wants to take your business online by building an Ecommerce store, but are still racking your brains in deciding which Ecommerce platform to opt?!! Then, here is some detailed explanation on why Magento should be your choice for online store development. So read on and put an ultimate end to the above dilemma of yours…

Open Source: Yes, you heard it right – The Ecommerce platform of Magento or to be precise the Community Edition of Magento is an open source platform which can be used by you without paying anything. What’s more, you can even make all sorts of modifications in the Community Edition of Magento as per your requirements. You can also take the help of any expert Magento Web Developer to enhance the codes and thereby improve the performance of your Ecommerce store. Magento also lets you or your developer add new features and free extensions so that you can have your desired functionality in your online store.

Performance-Centric: The Ecommerce platform of Magento is highly performance-centric. The two main reasons why Magento is called a performance-centric platform are: Supreme page load speed and Quick query processing time. The people behind Magento very well understand the fact that a delay of even a few hundred milliseconds in processing user requests can significantly damage the prospects and reputation of an Ecommerce store as any delay will prove to be a turn-off for the online visitors and customers. But online Magento store development eliminates this possibility by utilizing top-end caching and Database techniques so that you and your customer have no complaints whatsoever!!

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Very Flexible: Magento is perhaps the most flexible Ecommerce platform in existence today. This is because Magento has an open system architecture, and hence your Magento web developer can create the most perfect User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) as far as your Ecommerce store is concerned, and that too different UIs and UXs for different devices. This quality of high flexibility in Magento is what makes it extremely popular among the world’s leading brands and businesses. The high flexibility of Magento also comes across in the fact that that even the back-end workflows of a Magento-based Ecommerce store can be customized as per your business requirements.

Supports Mobile Commerce: One of the highlighting qualities which makes Magento stand out from the crowd of Ecommerce platforms is the ease with which the platform supports Mobile Commerce or in simple words Mobile-based Ecommerce. The Community and the Enterprise editions of Magento enable multiple HTML 5 functionalities, image scaling, Audio-Video functionalities, Gesture-based controls and even drag-and-drop features – all of which ensure the most pleasurable mobile-based online shopping experience for both the store owner and the online customer.