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The Best Magento Extensions To Have In The Year 2016

The year 2015 is coming to an end, and the year 2016 is waiting in the horizon to rise high and shine brightly. And if you as an online business owner or a Magento developer want to see your Ecommerce store rise and shine with the same brightness in the New Year, then you need to add some necessary Magento extensions to your store. Wondering which Magento extensions to choose for your Ecommerce store? Then here are the best magento extensions to have in the year 2016. Read On…

Fooman Speedster: This extension known as Fooman Speedster helps improve the performance of your Magento store by merging multiple Javascript files into a single one, and that too with future expiry headers. This extension does the same to the CSS files. Such merger of multiple files into a single one reduces the page load time of your store. Moreover, the Fooman Speedster extension also reduces the size of files to be loaded for empty and primed caches. Apart from all this, Fooman Speedster reduces the number of HTTP requests; is completely automated; and even supports multi-store functionalities.

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Creare SEO: If you install the Creare SEO extension to your Magento store, you will get the following benefits: Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) sitemap; Exclusive category headings; No-index on category filters; 301 redirects for products that have been discontinued; Default meta descriptions and page titles for products and categories; Twitter cards for product pages; Performance clean-up script; Configuration-editable .htaccess and robots.txt; Search Engine Optimization checking page in the admin panel; XML sitemap fix; Breadcrumbs schema; Canonical product redirect; Duplicate product button removal; and Product attribute validator. No wonder Creare SEO is counted as one of the best Magento extensions development by Magento experts!!

Social Connect: This extension made available on Magento by Inchoo lets you add buttons of Google, Facebook and Twitter to your login page. The customers of your store can use such buttons by Social Connect for a variety of procedures such as login or registration on your store with the help of their Social Media accounts. This speeds up the overall process of your Ecommerce store. The Magento extension of Social Connect also enables you to share any important content with your customers on almost all the social media platforms. Additionally, this extension also provides you the important stats about the content you have shared: The number of visitors sharing your content and the social media platform on which it is shared.

Banner Slider: This extension is without doubt the most helpful banner management tool as far as today’s Magento-based Ecommerce world is concerned. This is because the Magento extension of Banner Slider provides about 35 different positions on your store for displaying sliders and banners. The other advantages that you will avail if you opt for the Banner Slider Magento extension are as follows: URL-based easy banner management; image management; and even appearing-time management. Moreover, the Banner Slider contains banner rotator effects with easy customization.

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How To Approach Magento Development To Have A Successful Online Store

Owning a Magento-based Ecommerce store isn’t enough to guarantee you mind-blowing sales and profits in your online business. What is more important is how you approach the Magento development of your store so that you can have a supremely successful online store. But if you are confused about what that specific approach is all about, then here are detailed below some definite steps on how to approach Magento development in order to have a successful online store. Read On…

The Right Hosting: An Ecommerce store built on the platform of Magento needs the right kind of hosting and servers to sustain and grow forward. The database of any Magento store uses up a lot of hosting space as the store is resource heavy and hence powerful servers are needed if you want your Magento store to run smoothly without any glitch. Therefore, choose an experienced hosting and server service which specializes in hosting Ecommerce sites. Choose the hosting service that can help you manage a high volume of web traffic coming to your online store in the future. This can easily be termed the cornerstone of the Magento Ecommerce development of your store.

Magento Development To Have A Successful Online Store

Store Building: The platform and the structural design of the store has to be perfect because this is what will act as the base of your Ecommerce store. The success of your store also depends on the platform and the structural design of the store and hence the development of your Magento store should be done in proper sequence. The design of your store should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and highly interactive. The major point that you need to keep in mind while developing your Magento store is to primarily focus on the requirements of your customers and thereby work on the functionality and optimization of your store. Alongwith this, you also need to properly arrange the text content and images on your Ecommerce store.

Personalized Theme Development: The theme of your Magento store should be as personalized as possible. You should select or develop a theme which rightly conveys the essence of your online business. And for this, it is very imperative that you add a bit of your personal touch in the theme of your Magento store. The thematic appearance of your store will play a very crucial role in determining the future success of your store. And hence, select your desired theme from the abundant collection of Magento themes available, and then personalize it keeping in mind the personality and character of your online business.

Thus, incorporate the above given steps while you or your Magento developer builds your Ecommerce store, and thereby guarantee yourself success, money and fame – all three together for sure!!

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How To Protect Your Magento Website From Hackers

If you are among the thousands of smart and intelligent business owners who have opted for the Magento platform to build your Ecommerce store, then rest assured that you and your store are on the path to remarkable sales and outstanding success. But there is one factor that every online business owner is apprehensive about, no matter which platform is used to build their store. But if you have built your Ecommerce store by using the Magento platform, then you can just put your feet up and relax as Magento comes with extraordinary in-built security features which will help you keep your online store fully safe and secure. So here are some ways on how you can do your bit to protect your Magento website from hackers. Read On…

Password And Username: The primary target of any hacking activity is to decode the admin username and password. Thus in order to protect your Magento store from all sorts of hacking or hacking-related activities, make sure that the admin username and password are really complex and difficult to decode. Use a combination of lower case letters, capital letters, special characters and also numerical integers as the admin username and password. Moreover, change the passwords as regularly as possible. Finally, never commit the mistake of keeping one password for multiple accounts.

Regular Upgradation: Upgrade your Magento website or Magento store as soon as any new version of Magento is released. Doing this will help you improve the performance of your Magento-based Ecommerce store. Regular up-gradation will also help you to remove the bugs if any. The latest version of Magento will also enhance the overall functionality, security and magento performance of your store.

Protect Your Magento Website From Hackers

Regular Back-Up: Backing-up your Magento store is highly important from the security point of view. For this, all you need to do is to have a secure and reliable back-up plan in case of any kind of emergency. Just like changing your passwords regularly, take the back-up of the store and its database periodically as well. Also, use .htaccess and httpd.conf files as this will enable you to allow access restriction to unsecured File Transfer Protocol (FTP). All this will ensure supreme security of your Magento store.

Regular Security Review: Last but not the least, keep in touch with some Magento platform security experts and have them do a security review of your store frequently. Have them check the security status of your important files related to the store and also the store database. Alongwith this, also have them check the permissions of your critical files and folders.

Thus, don’t forget to follow the above explained ways to a T, and thereby keep minting more and more money from your Ecommerce business without worrying about any sort of security threats!!